Creating a life of resonance.

We're a wellness + mindset coaching company that partners with individuals and couples to reach their goals by prioritizing a whole person approach that emphasizes both personal development and physical health. We accomplish this by helping clients to consider not just their physical wellbeing but also their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This provides our clients a firm foundation to create a fulfilling and significant life. 

We started AXIOS because we know firsthand the frustrations that come with living an unbalanced + unaligned lifestyle – you've done everything you know to do and still feel as if something is missing. We also know that when you begin to push past those limitations and meet yourself in a new way, you discover just how expansive, creative, and powerful you really are.

Our mission is to raise the consciousness level of humanity and equip people to take themselves on so that we all do less harm in the world around us, therefore creating a better place for future generations.

welcome to axios wellness + coaching


our name means worthy, because we believe everyone is worthy of experiencing a life of deep joy and fulfillment.



When we first started working with our coaches, we were both 100+ pounds overweight, facing chronic health conditions, combating depression, feeling stuck in our careers and relationships, and struggling to believe we could really change. We felt disconnected from ourselves, from one another, and from the lives we were living. We desperately wanted to change, but didn't know how. We reached a point where we were willing to do whatever it took to get our lives back.

Everything changed when we hired a coach and we continue to invest in it to this day. Coaching helps us identify our own limiting mindsets and behaviors that are in the way of creating a life and version of ourselves that we resonate with. Because of our own experiences, we don't believe in the one-size-fits-all coaching approach. We help clients create WHOLE HEALTH and build a life that truly resonates in every aspect of their lives.

The life we've created didn't happen overnight.

meet ed & britney

Creating the Balance of the





to build a life you resonate with


Do I have the energy to meet the current demands of my life? What would happen if the demand of my life would increase? How do I feel in my body, how do I look at my body, and what has been out of balance?


Is my emotional response to the events in my life appropriate (either too high or too low)? Is there something that feels a click or two off? Are the obligations in my life controlling my state of being?


How well am I able to be fully present in each given moment? What limitations do I bring upon myself through my self talk? Are the narratives in my head leading me toward numbness and isolation?


How well do I feel connected to others and a deeper sense of purpose? Am I proud of and enjoying the life I am creating? Am I creating the pace of life to get back to what makes my soul sing?

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Your Journey Starts Here

Individual Coaching & Development

1:1 Coaching

At AXIOS, we focus on whole person development through coaching that can be scheduled around client's specific availability and location.  We require a minimum commitment of 6 months to ensure adequate time for this process to make a lasting difference. We are physiological beings and our holistic approach honors the complexity of being human. We do this by working with clients on the 4 Quadrants of Whole Health.

Minimum 12 Months Together

60-Minute Discovery Session: Discuss current struggles, identify needs/desired areas of focus, and determine if we are the best fit for you.

2x 60-Minute Coaching Sessions (per month): Our commitment in our sessions with you is to help you identify the behaviors and mindsets that are holding you back and support you in developing new ways of operating that will help you create a life and version of yourself you resonate with. Done via Zoom or phone call.

Private Slack Channel: For session notes, action steps, and support between sessions.

Personalized Resources: To optimize coaching objectives and assist you along your journey.

Optional Add-Ons:
  • Nutritional + Lifestyle Support
  • Personalized Fitness Programming

Billed Monthly or
Pay up front and save 15%


relationship coaching

We work with couples who are realizing they don't resonate with the life they're currently living. We do this by helping them establish common core values that become the blueprint for the relationship and life they're creating together. We are passionate about working with couples because we know that healthy relationships lead to healthy families which in turn creates a better world for future generations.

Minimum 12 Months Together

60-Minute Discovery Session: Discuss current struggles, identify needs/desired areas of focus, and determine if we are the best fit for you.

1x 60-Minute Couples Coaching Session (per month): The first session of each month will be combined with the 2 of you and coaches Ed + Britney. Done via Zoom or phone call.

2x 60-Minute 1:1 Coaching Session (per month): with Ed and Britney each of you will have a 1:1 coaching session to support you individually as you work to create a relationship and life you resonate with. Done via Zoom or phone call.

Private Slack Channel: For session notes, action steps, and support between sessions.

Personalized Resources: To optimize coaching objectives and assist you along your journey.

Billed monthly or
Pay up front and save 15%


How It Works

You schedule a free consult with us where we learn about your background, current obstacles, and goals. 

step one

We prepare a custom package that’s most targeted to you, your goals, your lifestyle, & phase of life you are in.

step two

We start our journey together to begin to break the limitations that are holding you back and help you create a life you resonate with!

Step three



We tell every client we work with that they will get out of this what they put into it. We will provide the tools and resources for your success, but you provide the consistency. Our focus is helping you address your daily inputs which in turn will improve your output. We ask all of our clients to commit to our coaching process for a minimum of 6 months in order to experience results that will last.

with the nutrition add on, will I have to DO ______ DIET?

No, we are anti diet culture and pro nutrition education based off of your body’s unique set of needs. We will help you adopt a nutrition paradigm that will serve you long term and can adjust to the demands of your life. 

Is this in person coaching or remote coaching?

All of our coaching sessions are done remotely via Zoom or phone call depending on the client's preference and availability. This enables us to serve a larger number of clients and accommodate people's varying locations and schedules. Client's schedule their individual sessions for the month via our Calendly link.

"I wish I had started coaching earlier. The investment is not only worth it, but necessary to me and the health of my business. Ed & Britney have an incredible wealth of knowledge and passion for helping people reach their fullest potential. They have helped transform me from an anxiety ridden business owner to someone who is embracing the unknown by implementing consistent habits to be my most creative self. We are all worthy of the work, don't put off investing into yourself! It is worth it."


"Finding balance in this time of my life is so necessary and you will gain support in all areas of your life. Ed & Britney have been supporting me for years at this point but, working with them through this process has by far been the most valuable. Being in one of the craziest seasons of my life it can feel impossible to find balance and still take care of myself. Having that extra support is invaluable!"


"From the moment I met Ed I knew there was something different about him. He has an amazing ability to intentionally listen and understand where I am coming from, what was important to me and how to help me achieve breakthroughs. If you ask me- that’s exactly what you need in a coach and something I had a really hard time finding prior to meeting Ed. If you want to meet the truest version of yourself and start taking back control of your life in a consistent and achievable way- I would IMMEDIATELY engage this team to help you on your journey. You’ll be glad you did!"


"Our time with Ed and Britney was exactly what we needed before getting married. Each time we met, Ed and Britney worked as a team to listen and provide incredible insight and value into our relationship. There were a few things that weren’t on our radar at all before we started coaching, which were brought to our attention and became big improvements for our long term success. They are are highly skilled at what they do and are just wonderful people to be with. We’re thankful for our time with Ed and Britney and would highly recommend them for relationship or personal growth coaching!"

Erik & Elan

“Hiring Ed and Britney as my coaches has been the best decision I have made for my health. The Nutrition + Lifestyle add on program outline guidelines that are best for me, my goals, and my lifestyle. I am seeing great results! I have lost 50 pounds, am getting physically stronger and am in better shape than I have been in decades!”


"Ed & Brit literally embody the perfect balance of encouragement, education, pressure, care, understanding, togetherness, independence, empathy yet “kickass-ness”. They live in body & health truth & do the hard work themselves. They have made me feel safe to really look at, meet myself truly, and love myself. And it feels really great to kick my own ass haha. Hands down worth the investment!”


"Britney and Ed have been amazing throughout my wellness journey. Whether it be nutrition, daily encouragement, or workouts; I’m always being pushed to be better. Not only are they kind and understanding, but they treat you like they know what you’re going through. Empathy is their strong suit. I have loved every minute of working with them."


"AXIOS Wellness has helped me tremendously in my journey to becoming healthy and losing weight. I get lots of one on one attention and I actually have fun and love how I feel. I have lost pounds of fat while also gaining muscle and I can't wait to reach my goals. And they make it all fun! I highly recommend Axios to anyone looking to get healthy. I'm 60 years old so getting into shape isn't just for young people."


Not Sure Where to Start?

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Walk This Journey Together

Team Coaching & Development

Team Coaching

We firmly believe that healthy individuals create healthy teams. We are passionate about helping leaders and their teams get on the same page about the importance of how each person shows up and how they can support the mission of the organization. We teach tools that aid in healthy communication which builds trust in relationships and makes it easier to move your team forward.

reach out for booking

Our team coaching experiences are fully customizable based on the outcome you’d like to create with your team. Please submit your info via the inquiry form below and we will set up a discovery call with you to discuss options!

Now booking for 2023!

A coaching experience for your team may include, but isn’t limited to:
  • In Person or Virtual Team Training Event
  • Monthly Coaching Calls for Ongoing Support
  • Offsite All-Inclusive Team Retreat
  • Team Building Workshop
  • 1:1 coaching calls with individual team members to support the goals of the organization.
1:1 Coaching Available for Team Members

Speaking engagements

Through speaking engagements, we connect people to the most expansive, capable, and powerful version of themselves by teaching them how to identify and switch out their limiting mindsets. The experience we give people through a one-off speaking engagement is the spark that wakes up their soul. Once awake, the soul begins to lead us towards a life and version of ourselves that we deeply resonate with. From that state of being, anything becomes possible.

Now booking for 2023!

book an engagement

We do both in person and virtual speaking engagements, including events requiring travel. To talk with us about your event, please submit your information via the inquiry form below!

How It Works

Fill out the inquiry form with the buttons above to submit your engagement details.

step one

We will get in touch to setup a discovery call to discuss your specific needs.

step two

Review and sign the customized proposal and get ready to create something incredible together!

Step three


Do you travel for speaking engagements or team training? events?

Absolutely! We are happy to include travel in your customized proposal. We have worked with teams across the country and internationally. We love traveling, experiencing new places and new lifestyles, and connecting with new people!

How far in advance do you book and engagement?

This really depends on the type of event that you’re wanting to book. We book out 6 months in advance and our schedule fills up quickly. Please email with the date of your event and what you’re interested in booking and we’d be happy to chat about the options!

Why do you take a whole person development approach opposed to focusing on a single area?

We know from firsthand experience the power of this level of coaching. We have found that we cannot fully help someone reach their goals in one area without also addressing limiting mindsets and behaviors in another. We are physiological beings which means that the way we show up in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of our being all have a direct impact on how we show up in the world. Our passion is to raise the efficacy of people so they do less harm and don’t pass their dysfunctional mindsets and behaviors on to the next generation.

"Our audience was engaged and begging to learn more! Ed's focus content for our group was relevant, necessary, impactful and spot on. His natural speaking style is both relatable with real life examples and entertaining through his audience engagement. His vast experience with community, business, people and advocacy leaves no stone unturned. Ed has a passion for growing and learning and is excited to share this energy with others. I can't wait to work with Ed again!"


City of Covington Chamber of Commerce Speaking Engagement

"Our team brought Ed and Britney in to facilitate and lead our annual team retreat. We didn't know exactly what to expect, but we had high hopes. They exceeded our expectations in every way. From leading deep conversations that helped our team break through limiting belief systems and relational disconnects to delicious and nutritious meals and snacks - the AXIOS team was better than advertised and exactly what we needed. Affordable, inspirational and effective - we HIGHLY recommend using them for individual coaching or team events. You'll be glad you did."


Custom Team event for tree hive chiropractic

"Ed recently hosted a team building training event for our office and it was great! Our team came away with a new perspective on each other's strengths and built a higher level of synergy in the office. We can't wait to schedule another session to continue building excellence in our staff."


Team training event for
Schram & Associates

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Achieve Whole Health.

We have a special approach in helping you reach your goals because we have sat in your seat. We know how hopeless it can feel and we needed people in our corner (we still do!) to help us move forward when we felt stuck. If you’re intimidated to take this step, that’s ok, we felt that way too. We will be with you every step of the way.

We know from experience that simply wanting to change isn't enough. We tell every client that they will get out of this process what they bring to it. Your growth begins and ends with you. We will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and accountability to succeed and the rest is up to you to create!

WE're in your corner, always

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